Traceability feature is now available for VDR APT


An unique QR code is newly printed on an individual APT test report and COC issued by GSP. The QR code provides customers and surveyors direct access to Furuno’s website to check the details of APT.

The QR code would be a help for the customers who would like to confirm that APT was conducted by Furuno’s authorized APT service providers. The QR code can also be a help to eliminate a false COC issued by unauthorized companies which do not receive appropriate training nor technical supports available on GSP.

Shown contents

  • Target: ship name, flag/class, manufacturer and model/serial number
  • Status: status of manufacture’s analysis
  • Progress: company and date of APT, manufacture’s analysis and COC


  1. Scan the QR code printed on APT test report or COC by a camera of smart devices*.
  2. Access to URL shown on the smart device.
  3. If manufacture’s analysis had been finished and the approver has approved it, “APPROVED” and details will be shown. Otherwise, “NOT APPROVAL” will be shown**.


* The QR code in poor condition may not be recognizable by camera.

** “APPROVED” is shown even if the subject COC with FND’s stamp has not been uploaded to GSP.