• Full circle scanning sonar
  • Vivid 16 colour display
  • BlackBox configuration
  • Transducer frequency:85kHz
  • Revolutionary discrimination between bottom fish and the seabed
  • Four user programmable function keys
  • Automatic tilt scanning
  • Selectable user friendly operating modes

Vivid 16 colour display full-circle scanning sonar

CSH-8L is compact, high frequency sonar with revolutionary discrimination between bottom fish and seabed, ideal for searching near the vessel or in shallow water. With the automatic tilt scanning as a standard feature, CSH-8L is suitable for both mid water trawlers and the purse seiners.


There are three basic operating modes:

Sonar Display

Navigation data can be displayed in the text window, with connection of appropriate sensors. This mode is useful for detecting and tracking fish schools.


Sonar + Echo sounder

The sonar picture appears on the left and the signal fed from the echo sounder at the lower right side of the screen. This mode is suitable for judging fish school concentration. *Echo sounder/Fish finder required.

Sonar + Audio

Sonar picture appears on the left and the audio display on the lower right side of the screen. This ode is useful analyzing the echoes in the desired area.