Planning Table

•  Up to 55”Display (different sizes available)
•  Up to 3840 x 2160 - 4K/UHD 16:9
•  Tilt & Lift Controls 
•  LED Backlight Technology 
•  Optical Bonding Technology 
•  MultiTouch
•  Extremely Smooth operations


▲Cutting Edge Technology

The Series X Multi Vision Display (MVD) range of products provide large 4K resolution display solutions to maritime IBS, Automation and Command Control system integrators. The cutting edge high definition LED display technology used, with its high quality brightness and contrast, enables the presentation of large amounts of data onto one screen instead of multiple displays.

▲Hardware & software

The system is a delicate combination of High-end marine monitors from Hatteland and advanced software from FURUNO. These technologies converge in a sublime product, second to none.

▲Technical details

•  Touch screen
•  Intuitive user interface (GUI)

Chart material:
•  ENC
•  Can use same license as ECDIS (the same ENC User Permit). When placing an order, ENC UP of ECDIS is required from customer.

Chart management:
•  Chart catalogue
•  Easy load and update of charts

•  Full control to ENC details (viewing groups)
•  Location search by name

Own ship presentation:
•  Ship symbol with heading line
•  TM/RM/North Up/Head Up/Free orientation
•  Velocity vector
•  Past track

Measurement tools:
•  From own ship to cursor position
•  Divider

Route Planning:
•  Route shared with FMD-3x00

User Chart:
•  Free hand drawing
•  User chart shared with FMD-3x00

Video output: Mini DisplayPort
LAN: Connected to HUB-3000 for data sharing
Sensor connection: HUB-3000 (IEC 61162-450)
Power Input: 10-32 VDC (10 A)