FMD-3100 series

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The FMD-3100 ECDIS is based on the popular FMD-3200 software. The FMD-3100 uses the Panel-PC design with FURUNO hardware that ensures a simple installation that can be conducted by the ship's own crew. Radar overlay is included as standard with connection to a FURUNO FAR-2xx7 or FAR-3xx0 Radar.

  • 24” Full HD Wide Screen
  • Computer Based Training (CBT)
  • Admiralty Information Overlay (AIO)
  • Build-in Radar Overlay as standard
  • Jeppesen Dynamic Licensing
  • No UPS requirement
  • Task Based Operations
  • Automatic Chart Update (option)

The FMD-3100 benefits from the FURUNO LINUX TECHNOLOGY which also includes FURUNO INSTANT CHART REDRAW TECHNOLOGY. Industrial grade SSD and Compact Flash cards are used as storage devices allowing a system design with no moving parts for critical components. An UPS is not required for the FURUNO FMD Series of ECDIS due to their new Hardware and Software architecture (IMO RESOLUTION A.817 (19)).

The FMD ECDIS can be interfaced with the FAR-2xx7 Radar Series for

  • Radar OverlayRoute and Waypoint overlay
  • Target Track information
  • User Charts


Tasked Based Operations

FURUNO FMD Series of ECDIS benefit from Task Based Operations allowing easy access for relevant information and functions in a given operation mode – Navigation, Planning and Chart Management.


Slim design

Streamlined integration into the onboard navigation system; perfectly suited for ECDIS retrofitting projects


  • 2 LAN ports and 4 serial ports are available to facilitate smooth integration into a bridge network as well as interface with onboard navigation sensors
  • Flexibility in installation; supporting both table-top mounting* as well as flush-mounting to match the space availability in the wheelhouse


*Optional mounting bracket for table-top mounting required.

Suitable for both primary and back-up ECDIS

For those who have already installed the FMD-3200/FMD-3300 onboard the vessel, the FMD-3100 can be used as a cost-effective back-up arrangement for the FMD-3200/FMD-3300 ECDIS.

Dual configuration of the FMD-3100 supports the vessel to go paperless. For those who have already installed the FMD-3200/FMD-3300 onboard the vessel, the FMD-3100 can be used as a cost-effective back-up arrangement for the FMD-3200/FMD-3300 ECDIS.

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Computer Based Training (CBT)

FURUNO offers CBT for the new FMD-3100 ECDIS. The CBT will train the Navigator in every aspect of the ECDIS which will also include Chart Management and Chart Update. 

The Navigator will receive a Certificate after completion of the CBT. Read more about our training at the buttom of the page.


Updating of Sea Charts One Click Operation

FURUNO FMD Series of ECDIS are designed for easy operation and update of sea charts. The update process is simply vmode. The system will automatically apply the updates to the entire ECDIS network without requirement of a system reboot or downtime. The system can automatically download new updates via an internet connection by use of the optional FURUNO Gate-1.

The Navigators will receive an e-mail notification once a new update is available. The update is easily selected as a Network Attached Storage (NAS) in the “Auto Load” menu. For further information please see the attached introduction of FURUNO Gate-1.



Sensor adapter

Sensor adapter acts as central medium to gather all the sensor data and collectively feed it to all FMD-3100 ECDIS and FCR-2xx9 Chart Radar in the system. Since sensor adapter can be extended to cover all the sensors within the system, individual cablings in the sensor-to-ECDIS/Radar interface can be greatly reduced.

Compatible with the following standards:

•IMO MSC.232 (82)
•IMO A.694 (17)
•IMO MSC.191 (79)
•IEC 61174 Ed.3
•IEC 61162-1 Ed.4
•IEC 61162-2 Ed.1
•IEC 62288
•IEC 60945 Ed.4

Compatible cartography

  • IHO/S-57 Edition 3 vector chart (IHO S-63 data protection scheme)
  • •Admiralty Vector Chart Service by UKHO

    •C-MAP ENC

  • Jeppesen Primar ECDIS Service
  • ARCS raster chart
  • C-MAP Professional+ (private chart)
  • Compatibility with external services
  • •Interface with Jeppesen Dynamic Licensing Service available

    •Supports Admiralty Information Overlay (AIO)* for increased safety of vessel operation

    *This service is free of charge as part of Admiralty Vector Chart Service (AVCS) by UKHO.





      To ensure an efficient and safe operation of vessels as well as to optimize the advantages of having ECDIS onboard, proper training is required. FURUNO offers the ECDIS trainings through its INS Centers (INSTC in Copenhagen and Singapore) as well as other training facilities signed up as NavSkills™ training facilities.

      Read more about training: