Chart Update system for ECDIS


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GATE-1 is the Digital Chart Book of a modern bridge installation, where easy and trouble free automatic chart download is essential.  By GATE-1 the weekly submittance of chart CD’s (DVD’s) are eliminated and substantial internal courier expenses can be saved.

  • Automatic charts download, updates and permits delivery including AIO
  • Integrates UKHO's ENC vector (AVCS) and ARCS raster charts in a 'one box' solution. 
  • Secured data transfer - Military grade encrypted protection via INMARSAT or VSAT.
  • No CD/DVD media required· Efficient and VIRUS-free.
  • Updates, charts and permits are usually onboard within 4 hours from release. 
  • No media handling - no shipping costs.
  • Time saving in the office and onboard - Uses only 3 KB/s bandwidth.


The internal GATE-1 SW secure that the data/chart transfer from ‘Shore to Ship’ is smooth and virus free and possible breaches in  the Inmarsat/VSAT connection will have no influence on the transfer- it simply resume the data transfer from the last received ‘byte’ - if the connection is interrupted. This feature counters the previous challenges with direct chart transfers, which often are causing complete restart of ECDIS systems, if the update/download may be interrupted.     

The GATE -1 is deliberately downloading the data on a very low data speed (3 KB/s) in order not to disturb and occupy commercial and crew data traffic.  

Being fed with Chart data from the Ships Net LAN connection, the GATE-1 box is connected directly to FURUNO’s ECDIS FEA 21x7 or the new FURUNO FMD 3x00 systems  by a LAN cable, avoiding data storage and transfer to ‘insecure’ USB’s or other medias. 


Two different chart solutions for GATE-1

The charts, permits and update handling in FURUNO’s GLOBAL Chart Server Network is shown in the below:



Upon investment in GATE-1, two different options are available:

  1. Charts are sourced from Owner’s own chart provider
  2. Charts are sourced from Furuno

The owner can choose either to buy charts from FURUNO or alternatively have the charts delivered from other supplier. A differentiated Annual service fee to cover the GATE-1 global system infrastructure will be applicable depending on the choice of above. 

Please contact FURUNO DANMARK to learn more.