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New Class A AIS Transponder


We are now pleased to offer a new Class A AIS Transponder for a very attractive price. The Transponder meets all the demands to Fishingvessels.

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Dedicated NavNet website

FMD-3100 is a smaller and more price attractive version of the popular FMD-3200/3300 ECDIS. Available in june 2014.

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GATE-1 Chart Update system for ECDIS

GATE-1 is the Digital Chart Book of a modern bridge installation, with free automatic chart download. By GATE-1 the weekly submittance of chart CD’s (DVD’s) are eliminated and substantial internal courier expenses can be saved.

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New AIS transponder for leisure boats

easyTRX2S is a new AIS transponder for leisure boats. The transponder is available in different models to meet almost any demands.

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