Since the early 1950's FURUNO has been the "Fishfinding Company" Furuno has developed and produced highly sophisticated and affordable solutions of fish-finding equipment for the fishing industry worldwide. The success Furuno enjoys today is based on the results the company has achieved in the fishing industry, Furuno today is a trendsetter for all fish-finding equipment to all areas within the fishing industry.


Find fish that others have overlooked

Whether you are an angler or serious fisherman, the Furuno fish finding program contains a model of equiopment that is ideally suites all your needs.

Our research and development department has spent much time at sea and developed the most innovative and useful fishing tools ever introduced. From our entry-level LS-4100 with our large and powerful FCV-30, you will find solid Furuno technology that will assist you in finding fish and save time


The echosounders are availabel in several models. The number of "beams" are important - the beams are the rays which the transducer emits. Several beams give a more accurate picture, but typically these sounders cost more than the more simple echosounders.


At the larger echosounders you will find stabilizer functionality, which can compensate for severe weather , so healing does not affect the picture. With a satellite compass you can even further compensate for the ship's vertical motion (heaving).

Bottom discrimination

The latest technology allows you to determine the bottom conditions. It is important for many anglers and bottom trawlers because it may have a decisive influence on what fish are available in the areas as well as the trawlers may avoid damage on their bottom trawl.

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Find fisk rundt om dit skib – ikke bare under din køl. 
FURUNO’s Sonar teknologi giver dig mere end et effektivt fiskeri.

Uden tvivl : FURUNO sonar er fiskeren’s drømmeudstyr. Disse højtydende sonarer kan finde fisk som andre fiskere kun drømmer om. Med evnen til at søge 360 grader rundt om dit skib eller søge i en bestemt sektor, vil FURUNO’s sonarer gengive det virkelige billede af forholdene i havet omkrig dit skib.