FCV-1900, FCV-1900B & FCV-1900G

See underwater clearly and accurately with incredible high definition echoes


This Echo sounder is available in three variants:

FCV-1900, FCV-1900B & FCV-1900G

Upgrade: By purchasing and installing a software license, you can upgrade your FCV-1900 model to a FCV-1900B Hi-Res Fish Finder* or a FCV-1900G Fish Size Indicator*, both utilizing the latest TruEcho CHIRP™ technology.

FCV-1900G offers a precise fish size histogram for accurate estimation of fish size and density of schools of fish. With fish size histogram, targets can be properly evaluated, spelling increased efciency andprotability.

Read more below, under the section that describes the basic featues of FCV-1900.


FCV-1900 Fish Finder

Increased transmission rate for more details

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With a transmission rate that has been increased by up to 1.4 times (200m range), FCV-1900 ensures excellent target separation and clarity. 

Scroll back function


With the press of a button you can activate the scroll back function to instantly review past echoes. Up to two previous screens can be viewed.

Zero Line Rejection

Observe clear echoes from just 3 meters below your vessel with Zero Line Rejection, allowing you to better analyze the water column from near to far.

Display up to four different frequencies

Display up to four different frequencies together in a compact and easy way by connecting a required network fish finder. Since there is no need to install additional displays, this system is especially useful for small vessels.

The bottom discrimination function indicates whether the bottom is composed mainly of rocks, gravel, sand or mud. This information aids in identifying fish species, which can increase efficiency. 

Simultaneous gain setting for increased visibility

Display two different gain settings simultaneously for increased visibility in changing water conditions and when changing vessel speed.

Improved control unit for simple and intuitive operation

The control unit features a water resistant touch pad that works even when wearing rubber gloves. You can use the touch pad for setting up VRM and TLL in an instant.

Capture and review videos and screenshots

Now you can capture screenshots and video when dropping your net or when searching for sh. Captured screenshots and video display position (requires GPS) and time of capture, for simple review. Improve your fishing by comparing fishfinder echoes with your resulting catches.

High resolution echoes from shallow to deep waters made possible with TruEcho CHIRP™ technology

FCV-1900B Hi-Res TruEcho CHIRP Fish Finder allows you to see echoes that would otherwise not have been visible.

Sea bottom

Individual fish can be discriminated within schools of fish, for easy identication of size.

You can easily spot individual fish close to the sea bottom

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Individual fish

With improved depth resolution, individual sh can be observed even at depths of 100 m and deeper. Fish are displayed in a distinct boomerang shape.

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Efficient and sustainable fishing with fish size graph functionality

FCV-1900G features a unique fish size indicator that utilizes TruEcho CHIRP™ technology for precise estimations of fish size and size distribution in schools of fish. You can accurately analyze schools of fish all the way from shallow to deep waters.

Identify size and distribution with the fish size graph for increased efciency at sea

With a quick glance at the simple and efficient graph, you can get all the information you need to identify sh size and distribution. Once you know the sh size and its distribution, you can use this information to estimate the species and whether it's a viable target or not. Together with the TruEcho CHIRP™ technology, the FCV-1900G allows you to choose the best position to throw your net. Then, based on the sh size graph, you can choose the right mesh size for efficient operation. (Recommended transducers: CM265LH or CM599LH)

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 Accurately judge which target to go after

Experience incredibly accurate echoes, even in deep waters thanks to our TruEcho CHIRP™ technology. The FCV-1900G is well suited for trawlers where accurate and reliable information about the sea bottom is necessary. Utilizing the fish size graph, choosing the right target is simple, allowing you to maximize your time at sea, while avoiding unnecessary bycatches.

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