FCV-2100 Fish Size Indicator

Experience a higher level of accuracy and clearer target images to make the most of your time fishing!

Combining Split Beam and TruEcho CHIRP™



Display remarkably accurate fish size measurements in easy-to-understand graph form*

The FCV-2100 measures the size and distribution of fish in the selected school, and displays this information in a graph that can be understood at a glance. TruEcho CHIRP™ technology has improved the accuracy and reliability of fish size measurements and graphs.

Simultaneously displays fish size measurements in three locations

The FCV-2100 can measure and display fish sizes in three locations at the same time. This allows you to compare and analyze fish size and school composition, which makes for more efficient fishing, such as aiming for fish of a particular size.



Simple operation with trackball and Instant Access bar™

 The FCV-2100 can be operated easily and quickly with its trackball. The screen header also contains Range, Shift, Sensitivity, Image Feed, and Display Mode menus that can be immediately accessed when required. Other functions can also be accessed immediately by setting them in the InstantAccess bar™ as desired. Up to 10 icons can be set in the InstantAccess bar™.



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Still images and echo data can be recorded and played back

A maximum of 99 still images can be saved on the processor unit. The maximum number that can be saved externally depends on the capacity of the external recording medium*. Echo data can also be saved to an external medium with a capacity of 500 GB or more*.

Checking past images with the convenient scroll-back mode

By scrolling the screen back, you can review past images.

Makes your fishing operation more efficient

By identifying the approximate size of the targeted fish beforehand, the FCV-2100 enables selective fishing, making fishing operations more efficient.

Can be connected to an external fish finder (DFF3/DFF1-UHD network fish finder*)

Up to three search responses at different frequencies can be displayed on one screen. The response for each type of fish can be seen at a glance, which helps to identify species. * DFF3/DFF1-UHD network fish finders are sold separately. Only one can be connected.

Connecting external sensors provides various functional add-ons

  • Bottom discrimination function displays the seabed composition both graphically and in color. This requires an externally connected network fish finder (DFF1-UHD) or designated transducer.
  • ACCU-FISH™ function* gives the size of an individual fish at a glance. This requires an externally connected network fish finder (DFF3/DFF1-UHD) or an ACCU-FISH™ compatible transducer.
  • Stable searching with heaving correction function. The heaving (up and down motion of a ship) corrective function enables the shape of the seabed to be displayed stably even in rough sea.  Requires connection of a Satellite Compass™.



Easy to install compact transducer

The transducer is 16 cm in diameter and easy to install in the hull.


Frequency     100 kHz nominal
Transducer1 kW, FM transmission
Range Scale10 to 800 m
Pulselength & PRR800 pulse/min or less
Display ModeSingle mode, Zoom, External sounder display, Bottom-lock expansion, Bottom zoom, Marker zoom, Discrimination zoom, Fish size graph
Range Shift800 m max. 
Power Supply

Transceiver unit: 24 VDC, 1.6 A

Processor unit: 24 VDC, 2.5 A


Processor unit: 209 (H) x 423 (W) x 350 (D)

Transceiver unit:364 (H) x 390 (W) x 75 (D)

Transducer:135 (H) x 160 (W)


Processor unit: 8 kg

Transceiver unit: 5.5 kg

Transducer: 7 kg


Equipment List


  • Processor unit FCV-2101 
  • Trackball control unit TCU-001 with 5 m cable
  • Transceiver unit FCV-2102 1
  • Transducer FCV-2103 with 30 m cable 
  • Spare parts, Installation materials


  • Rectifier PR-62
  • DVI-D/D S-Link cable
  • Ethernet hub HUB-101
  • LAN cable USB device server
  • UDS-001 
  • Flush mount kit for trackball control unit OP14-70
  • Kingston
  • Installation materials



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