FSS-1BB Echosounder

    • Advanced 1kW CHIRP echosounder 
    • Broadband frequency provides a very high resolution

    • Echo presentation in high and low frequency

    • Frequency combination presentation, with indication of species*

    • Reference curves with percent indication of each species

    • Functionality for saving species reference data

    • Simple operations with mouse or trackball

    • Can be connected to existing monitors on board

      *) Presently, herring and mackerel can be determined.

FSS-1BB is a uniqu 1kW CHIRP echosounder that can distinguih between different fish species. The sounder is the kulmination of FURUNOs 75years hydroaccustic research and experience, combined with the recent development in digital signal processing.


All the imags below are attained from trawlers in the North Sea where FURUNO has participated. 



Picture presentation and Operation

The sounder utilizes compressed pulse/broadband sounding, and displays both high and low-frequency echoes, as well as a unique mixview that uses colors to present the distribution of species. The operator can with a quick glance at the screen, easily get an overview and can, furthermore, choose to mark an area with mouse/trackball for further analysis.


On the screenshot below you can see the build-up af the different windows. Click the image to enlarge


Mackerel near the buttom

Mackerel near the buttom can be hard to identify - FSS-1BB makes this very simple utilizing color presentations. The operator can with the mouse or trackball mark an area and get a detailed analysis of the area, which will be presented in a pop-up window, where the distribution is visualized in graphs. .

Mixed fishschools

This screenshot shows a fish school, where the analysis tools will conclude that the school is evenly mixed with herring and macherel. 



The screenshot below shows a school with mainly herring and approx. 7% macherel.

Click images to enlarge






Macherel school wih small fish

This screenshot shows a macherel school with smaller fish on the backside. The Echogram shows shades in the blue macherel color. This is quite normale variations that apply as a result of the macherels movement in the water. This was confirmeds when the school was caughts and proven to comprise solely of macherel..

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