Powerful Searchlight Sonar modes for fast and clear echoes 

resulting in more efcient and productive fishing

  • Incredibly fast scanning speed, your best ally for nding the fish 360° in only 3.1 seconds when set on 24° scanning step and at 20 m range
  • 6 Step angles (6°,12°,15°,18°,21°,24°) to alternate ultraprecise and hyper fast scanning. Lower step angles produce more precise scans, while higher step angles are faster
  • 11 display modes selectable for every situation. Including the Horizontal A-Scope, Vertical, Echo Sounder and dual modes
  • HD LCD display with 1024 x 768 XGA* resolution for detailed echo images and great vision comfort
    *The display is optimized for this resolution. Other resolutions are not supported
  • Quick Gain Control allowing instantaneous gain adjustment
  • BlackBox conguration
  • Built-in Stabilizer to compensate the effects of rough sea and boat inclination
  • Audible target detection freeing the user from continuous watch of the display (Optional Loudspeaker required)
  • Display, controller and raise/lower control unit all comply with IEC standards
  • 12 languages available: English, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Spanish, Indonesian, Malay, Burmese, French, Norwegian, Italian, Japanese
  • Semi-transparent menu window allows you to keep an eye on the echo, while changing the settings

High resolution

A powerful signal and image processing based on a unique interpolation technology provides images in high resolution. Even if the fish are located near the seabed, the different echoes are clearly shown and easy to understand. Additionally, the high resolution echo display gives crisp, clear echoes, which reduces stress on the eyes.

Quick Gain Control

With the CH-500, the value of the changed gain is instantly applied to the whole circle and all echoes are affected, allowing you to quickly react. With the Quick Gain Control, even in deep areas, slowing down the scanning speed, there is no need to wait for the next passage of the searchlight and miss precious information. This new function is also extremely valuable if the fish are moving fast and need to be tracked rapidly.

Audible target detection*

The CH-500 also features fish and obstacle audio signals depending on the nature and the size of the detected object. Whether there are air bubbles, big or small fish schools, and seabed, the emitted sound is different. It is now easy to differentiate the fish schools from the seabed they are moving next to, allowing for better comprehension of the surrounding environment for more productive fishing. This feature shows its usefulness during long sea trips, as it frees the user from continuously watching the screen.
*Optional Loudspeaker required

Ultrafast scanning speed

This searchlight sonar is one of the most comprehensive and fastest sonar of its kind. It provides 6 scanning step variations (6,12,15,18,21,24) easily switchable for a high precision or a high scanning speed that can cover 360° in a couple of seconds, depending on the distance of the echoes. Due to its scanning speed, the CH-500 can be used at high speeds and still cover a large zone at the same time. The CH-500 provides the fastest and clearest echo for the ultimate fishing and navigation experience. Expert tip: While moving fast, use the 24° step scan in order to get a glimpse of the surroundings. If you are detecting something interesting that might look like what you are targeting, slow down the boat and switch to the 6° step scanning to have a clear echo.

Built-in Stabilizer

The CH-500 searchlight sonar is the rst of its class to have in its core an integrated stabilizer. In rough seas, the ships tends to move in every direction and its inclination might change a lot, creating echo distortions which cause inaccurate data display. The role of the stabilizer is precisely to compensate for those negative effects and provide accurate data to the user. 

On the picture : You can see that once the stabilizer is activated, the echo recovers its
circular shape and is able to provide accurate data, no matter the sea conditions, the boat speed and inclination.
Thanks to the built-in stabilizer’s compensation, The CH-500 was able to detect sh that didn’t appear originally with the non-stabilized echo.