• The latest Multibeam technology
  • Choice of frequency: 80kHz or 160kHz- depending upon the depth performance required
  • User-friendly split-screen Windows System with computer mouse control
  • Bathymetric seafloor profiles can be displayed in 2D and 3D; in full colour or black and white
  • Stabilised 120° swath coverage quickly locates and profiles fish shoals
    - both pelagic and ground fish
  • Profiles all fish and water column targets building the true picture: - hardness + profile + fish targets into a real-time 3D display
  • Generates over 700 depth points per second; each point stabilised, tide corrected, and sea hardness characterised
  • Bathymetry information can be overlaid over a Navionics Gold© Worldwide chart database
  • Your bathymetric profiles and fish information can be exported to world renowned plotting systems
  • The saved bathymetric profiles and fish shoal information can be shared with other WASSP users or vessels in the fleet
  • Manufactured by ENL (Electronic Navigation Ltd.)
  • Designed and manufactured to ISO9001-2008 standards
  • Multibeam teknologiValg af frekvens: 80 kHz eller 160 kHZ
  • Brugervenligt split-skærme Windows System som kan styres med en almindelig mus
  • Bathymetric præsentation
  • Havbunden kan vises både i 2D og 3D samt i fuld farve eller sort /hvid
  • Stabiliseret 120 graders scanning Profilerer al slags fisk og vandforhold
  • Producerer mere end 700 dybdepunkter per sekund; hvert punkt er korrigeret for sø og tidevand
  • Dybdemålingerne kan sammenholdes med en Navionics Gold© Worldwide søkort database



The system allows a unique overview of the seabed under the keel. You can choose between several types of graphical presentation, so the technology can be utilized to the fullest, and topresent the data as desired for the particular situation.


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WASSP is designed with a focus on functionallity and is therefore exceptionally easy to use. The system can be controlled using an ordinary mouse and is simple it is easy to use while fishing. It is also easy to store and export the collected date, for later use or for other applications.

The system runs on a PC, with input from the gyro, GPS, log, etc., nand can be displayed on any monitor on board.