FI-70 Multi instrument

4.1" Colour LCD Multi instrument in robust design, with endless possibilities for Data Display


  • 4,1" Colour LCD
  • Resolution: 320 (W) x 240 (H) pixels (QVGA)
  • Brightness (Typical) 700 cd/m2

Data Display:

  • Speed (STW, Max STW, Average STW, SOG, Max SOG, Average SOG, Velocity Made Good (VMG). Wind AWS, TWS, Max TWS, AWA, TWA, Beaufort Wind, GWD)
  • Heading HDG, Average HDG, Heading on Next Tack, ROT.
  • Course (COG)
  • Timer (Count Down Timer 1, Count Down Timer 2, Count Up Timer)
  • Navigation (Bearing, RNG, WPT, XTE, Position, ETA Time, ETA Date, Trip, Odometer)
  • Boat (Rudder Angle, Trim Tabs, Roll/Pitch)
  • Engine (Engine RPM, Trip Fuel Used, Fuel Rate, Engine Trim/Tilt, Boost Pressure, Engine Temperature, Engine Hour, Oil Pressure, Oil Temperature, Coolant Pressure, Engine Load, Transmission Oil Temperature, Transmission Oil Pressure.
  • Tank (Tank Level 1-6)
  • Depth 
  • AIS
  • Voltage 
  • Environment (Date, Time, Water Temperature, Air Temperature, Atmospheric Pressure, Humidity, Wind Chill Temperature, Dew Point)



Day and Night display

This is a view of some of the possibilities for data display on the FI-70 in day and night mode. The data, which is displayed, is dependant on a data source such as wind transducer, echosunder and so on.

Click the images to enlarge.

One model - one instrument for all functions!

FI-70 is available as one single model, and the display can be setup and changed to meet your demands. This means you do not need to aquire instruments for specific needs, but just the number of displayes that you need and can fit into your navigation and/or steering place.

Connection Diagram




Autopilot NavPilot-700

Read about FURUNOs Autopilot: NavPilot-700 , which is constructed in a similar design as the FI-70, and is very easy to connect.

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