The Furuno WR-2120 is a compact, cost effective dual pol Doppler weather radar for use in catchments up to 15000 square km (70 km radius).

The radar can provide a volume scan every minute. Due to the solid-state design the radar requires very little maintenance (no consumables) and can easily be installed at a roof top.

The WR-2120 is ideal for monitoring rainfall over cities where the high temporal and spatial resolution (50 m by 2.7 degree every minute) provides data for detailed sewer control. In addition to urban drainage control, the WR-2120 is widely used by universities for research.

The Furuno WR110 weather radar is a single polarization version of the WR-2120

The WR110 uses the same antenna and antenna housing as the WR-2120, but the vertical polarization – and processing channel is omitted. The result is a very cost-effective single polarization Doppler weather radar – well suited for automatic operation. Visual weather presentations of unparalleled quality

The WR-2100 and the new WR-2120 weather radar has been well accepted in Denmark. Below are three screenshots that shows the visual presentation of weather radar data in 3rd party software. Note the level of details at the exact places that heavy rain occurs. Click the images to enlarge.

Data presentation of WR-2100 data from Aarhus, presented using tools from the VeVa co-operation.
Data presentation of WR-2100 data from Copenhagen, presented using tools from the Informetics APS



Data presentation of WR-2100 data from Aalborg, presented using tools from the Envidan A/S


Radar image from Dragør, Copenhagen.

Below is an example of a data from a test installation of the WR-2100 at Dragør, at the outskirts of Copenhagen. It shows the movement of rain showers within a 60 min. period. Note the small high-intensity areas within the large low-intensity rainfall.


Utilizing the technical expertise FURUNO has accumulated through the development of marine Radar that has earned the leading market share, FURUNO, in close collaboration with universities and other business organizations, is now working on development of solution for meteorological monitoring and analysis. FURUNO's high quality compact X-band Doppler Weather Radar is indispensable for localized weather forecasting to reduce the impact of climate change.

Doppler Weather Radar utilizing solid state technology

By utilizing solid-state technology, the operating cost can be reduced thanks to lowering of power consumption as well as replacement of consumables. Moreover, high precision monitoring of precipitation is facilitated through a wide range of signal processing capability brought about by the solid-state technology.

Dual Polarimetric Doppler Weather Radar to contribute to prediction of occurrence of rainstorms

Dual Polarimetric Doppler Weather Radar simultaneously transmits and receives horizontally- and vertically polarized radio waves. It can compute the movement velocity of nimbus, as can be obtained from Single Polarimetric Doppler Weather Radar using horizontally polarized radio waves, as well as precise precipitation intensity. Shape of precipitation particles is horizontally long oval, because from atmosphere and gravity. Using these characteristics, Dual Polarimetric Doppler Weather Radar obtains diameters of precipitation particles to compute precise precipitation estimates.



Classified as one of the smallest and lightest Weather Radar available in the market


FURUNO, which has earned the leading market share in marine Radar, provides Dual Polarimetric X-band Doppler Weather Radar WR-2100.

With ultra high definition spatiotemporal resolution capability, the WR-2100 Dual Polarimetric Doppler Weather Radar grasps omni-directional precipitation intensity in 50-metre-mesh in six-second-intervals. By conducting high spatiotemporal resolution monitoring of the development process, three-dimensional structure as well as movement of a cumulonimbus, which causes precipitation, the development of short localised rainstorms can be predicted. Moreover, the WR-2100 has been downsized during the development phase to the extent that can be classified as one of the smallest and lightest Dual Polarimetric Doppler Weather Radar available in the market.



WR-2100 in Danish Medias




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May 20, 2016

Aarhus Vand made a large add in JyllandsPosten, describing their investment in FURUNOs WR-2100 weatherradar og the benefits it gives for the town of  Aarhus. Read more

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