Live Radar Image

Furuno WR110 Weather Radar in Copenhagen

Placed on top of Furuno’s main office in Denmark, a WR110 weather radar provides an overview of the current rain situation. The top animation shows the latest 30-minutes development, while the images below show the latest image from the radar.


The software behind the imaging is developed by Aalborg University (AAU). Furuno is proud to claim a successful and ongoing relationship with AAU, as one of the foremost research institutes in Europe within this field.
Visit their website here


Live Image from the Faroe Islands

A similar setup is running at the Faroe Islands. See it by clicking the link here:


HOFOR radar in Copenhagen

Not far from Furuno's main office, HOFOR – Greater Copenhagen Utility, has a installation of a WR-2100 radar. The data from this radar, displayed using the tool from Informatics APS, shows the endless possibilities with overlay and integration to maps with ground level, infrastructure and much more . See it at the HOFOR info site here