MobCom - Mobile Communication



FURUNO is supplier and distributor of a range of products to Mobile communication. The starting point is in the maritime business and the offshore industry but it has expanded to all the corners of the Danish industry.

Your choice of communication solutions is depending on your needs. FURUNO MobCom can offer you the exact solution which suits your demands. The solutions are wide spread: Analogue, digital, TETRA and our noise protection Peltor products.








Analogue technology

The well-known analogue and cost effective technology provides communication in environments where safety and uncomplicated needs are prevailing. Simple solutions are offered with portable handsets in both standard and ATEX versions for hazardous areas and fixed base stations.

Digital products

In addition to the facilities in the analogue products the digital products offer you excellent and superior voice quality. Our digital products also offer a combination of portable and fixed base stations and opens a world of opportunities in programming of e.g. group calls and GPS-facilities for tracking of the individual units.

Motorola Distribution Partner

FURUNO MobCom is appointed as Motorola Service Centre and our skilled staff of specialists are providing service and repairs for all Motorola solutions and other mobile communication brands thus securing a short turnaround for equipment repairs and maintenance. FURUNO MobCom is turn key supplier of special and complicated communication solutions. MobCom is specialist in engineering, installation and commissioning. Our project department ‘tailor-make’ the right solution to meet the exact environmental requirements. Furthermore, we provide customer oriented training and education.

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