easyDVB T antenna splitter

What is an ‘easyDVB T’ antenna splitter? 

An ‘easyDVB T’ is a separating filter connected to the existing VHF antenna. It separates different bands depending on purpose. A weak band received becomes amplified including the maritime bands. With an ‘easyDVB T’ you achieve reception of DVB T signals (DVB identical to ≅ DVB, ATSC, TDT, ISDB) which is used in a digital TV receiver. 

What is necessary to use the 'easyDVB T' antenna splitter?

Connect the existing VHF antenna to the ‘easyDVB T’ box. Then connect the VHF radio, a DVB T receiver for TV reception and possible also an FM radio. 

What fits to the ‘easyDVB T’ antenna splitter?

All existing DVB T (DVB, ATSC, TDT, ISDB) receivers, VHF radios and FM radio can be connected to the ‘easyDVB T’. In addition, you can connect the ‘easy split’ to integrate AIS receivers, for example the ‘easyAIS’. 


  • Frequency selective divider with a single send/receive port (VHF Radio)
  • 1 x port DVBT receiver and 1 x door for FM radio
  • VHF Antenna: 50 Ohm BNC
  • VHF Radio (IN/OUT): 50 Ohm BNC
  • DVBT Receiver: 75 Ohm BNC
  • FM Radio: 50 Ohm BNC
  • Dimensions : 140 mm (l) x 140 mm (W) x 35 mm (h)
  • Weight: approx. 325 g