An 'easySplit' - splits the signal from the VHF antenna into different other units e.g. AIS,VHF and an FM- radio.

The unit is checking whether there is a transmit power from the VHF radio to the antenna. If this is the case, the 'easySplit' disconnects very fast all the other connected units, e.g. the AIS receiver and the FM- radio. If all the units are in receiption mode, the units are all connected to the same antenna.

What is necessary to use the easySplit ?

Since the easySplit is a splitter, you need only (your already) installed VHF antenna and a power supply. 

What fits to the easySplit ?

All existing VHF radios, all existing AIS receivers and all existing FM radios can be connected to the easySplit. nevertheless the optimum perfoamance is achieved, provided you use other units from the Weatherdock AG company, because these units are designed to work together in a perfect way.  


  • Frequency selective power divider with 1 transmit/receive port (VHF radio)
  • 2 receiver ports
  • VHF antenna: 50 ohms, SO 239
  • VHF radio (in/Out): 50 ohms , so239
  • AIS receiver: 50 ohms, BNC
  • FM radio. 50 Ohms, Chinch
  • Power: 9 -28 VDC, @<120mA average over the different modes of operation
  • Ambient conditions: under deck , 0 degrees to 60 degrees.
  • 140 mm(l)x 140 mm(w) x 35 mm (h)
  • Weight: 450g