easyTRX2S Series

AIS Transponder for the plotter onboard


The latest version of easyTRX kommer is available in different vrsions, to meet all demands. 

easyTRX2S is avaialb with:

  • Integrated VHF splitter
  • Integrated WiFi module
  • Integrated GPS antenna
  • Integrated DVB-T
  • Integrated NMEA2000




easyTRX2S devices increase the visibility at sea, before it is too late.

The easyTRX2S devices make your vessel visible to other ships with AIS receivers!

These transceivers send AIS signals and enables AIS mesages to be received and displayed on a chart plotter or PC software, to easily identify foreign vessels.


The easyTRX2S Series is based on modular manufaction. There are several different combinations possible:

  • Integrated VHF splitter for usage of existing VHF antenna
  • Integrated WiFi module for peer-topeer-connection to iPad® or Android®Tablet as additional navigation place 
  • Integrated GPS antenna (only for polyester boats)
  • Integrated DVB-T VHF splitter to create your own „TV sports bar“ aboard
  • Integrated N2K adapter for plug into NMEA2000 data stream



What is needed to run the easyTRX2S devices?

The easyTRX2S transceiver needs a separate GPS antenna, except variants with appendix „GPS“!

If your device has the appendix „IS“, the existing VHF antenna can be used. If there is no VHF antenna, the unit requires one.

Which devices are needed to work with the easyTRX2S?

Your plotter or PC software must be able to display the received AIS data.

Which SD Cards can be used?

By means of modified software and hardware SD Cards up to 32GB can be used for data recording. PC with WinXP SP2 configured for a minimum screen resolution of 1024*768 for configuration software.


  • USB port for direct connection to PCDistance filter (5, 10, 15, 20, 25 miles)
  • Plotter independent CPA alarm (closest point of approach)
  • Plotter independent AIS S.A.R.T. alarm (e.g. easyRESCUE)
  • Suppression of AIS targets beyond three miles and/or target without speed
  • 38400 or 4800 Baud - selectable by software
  • SD Card Recorder as Blackbox
  • Multiplexer input
  • Usage as signal source for external alerting device
  • Easy installation 

Technical Data

  • AIS transceiver with BSH certification BSH/46162/4320939/10
  • Integrated 1 transmitter / 2 receiver
  • Sensitifity: -107dBmmin, typically -112dBm
  • FM antenna connection: SO239, 50Ohm
  • VHF radio connection: SO239, 50Ohm
  • GPS antenna connector: BNC, 50Ohm
  • NMEA output message: VDM
  • Power: max. 4W
  • Installation below deck, -25°C - 65°C
  • Dimension: 198mm (L) x 161mm (W) x 31mm (H)
  • Weight: approx. 800g