During the years FURUNO has delivered quality autopilots to numerous large and small vessels within the professional Deep Sea segment and the Fisheries and the leisure market.

In corporation with the wellknown Danish autopilot company EMRI, FURUNO has developed the most reliable and effecient autopilot : the FAP-2000, which used in the large vessels, where autosteering via e.g. the ECDIS systems  - the socalled 'track steering is needed. 

This function ensure that a route programme into the ECDIS system if followed automatically by the pilot, which enable course corrections, e.g. even when a turn has been programmed in the route , then the turn will be executed in accordance with the turning parameters valid for the specific vessel. 

The FURUNO autopilot range of equipment - both the larger and the smaller pilots - has 'adaptive' facilities. This means that the pilot continiously register and stores and compare the pilots 'reactions' with the vessels movement e.g. course and rudder angle.

Thus the pilot is 'self-learning' the different parametres and hereby optimizes the vessels steering. With an adaption steering facility you obtain a more smooth sailing and the function will also save fuel.


If you need a quality autopilot - FURUNO is your obvious choice.


IMO-certified professional autopilot wich is compatible with INS (Integrated Navigation System)

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Autopilot that fits into FURUNOs range of leisureboat products. Easy to use and very accurate.

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