Pumps for the NavPilot-700 series

PR+ Hydraulic Power Unit

Backed with over 30 years of continuous development the new PR+ range of reversing pumps presents the ultimate in quiet and smooth operation. Unlike noisy piston pump designs the precision gear form delivers smooth flow in all conditions and with minimal noise. Now with IP67 motors that have a 4000 hour brush life these latest generation of Hydraulic Projects power units are the best available.

The PR+ pumps are available in 0.6, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 and 2.5 litre per minute flows. Pilot check valves are fitted as standard, they can be used with both balanced and unbalanced cylinders. They have an advanced protective coating designed especially for the salt laden atmosphere of the marine environment.

ML+40 marine autopilot Electro Hydraulic Linear Actuator

The ML+40 marine autopilot Electro Hydraulic Linear Actuator combines all the elements of a hydraulic circuit in one compact unit. It has been designed specifically for the marine auto-pilot market for use on sailboats and power craft with displacement or fast planing hulls.

Designed for ease of installation and servicing the unit is supplied with a quick release mounting and tiller bolt. An optional rudder reference/feedback unit can be mounted directly onto the actuator and integral relief valves protect the unit and its mountings from being overloaded.

The unit can be mounted in any attitude and is ideal where space is limited as no separate pipework or reservoirs need to be fitted. ML+40 is supplied pre-filled and ready to install



Type RS Drive

EASY TO BUY - Everything you need supplied in one box - drive, 6ft steering cable and universal connection kit. EASY TO FIT - The simple to mount installation kit and optional integrated rudder feedback make for easy fitting. COMPACT - The remote drive unit has a tiny 0.25Ft2 footprint and can be mounted in the most convenient location on your boat, horizontally or vertically. RELIABLE & SAFE - Proven, tested design.

The drive unit features a manual override without having to disengage the autopilot first. COMPATIBLE WITH YOUR PILOT - The Type R Remote Drive System is compatible with all major brand inboard autopilot systems. Recommended for Yachts up to 38Ft (11.5m) with a maximum displacement of 15400 Ibs / 7000 Kg.

The Type RS Sailboat Drive makes it easy and economical to install an autopilot on light displacement sailboats with mechanical steering. The drive is very responsive and has little feedback resistance when in ‘Standby’ Pilot mode. The connection kit can be fitted into very small spaces, ideal for small to midsized modern sailboats which have limited space under the cockpit to fit drive units.