ECDIS - Electronic Chart Display and Information System - is a chart system which must comply with the toughest requirements in terms of performance and operation. With FURUNO as partner you are secured a very high standard of equipment support and guidance.     

With ECDIS systems it is possible to navigate without paper charts. In order to trade paperless specific requirement of equipment and calibration and the charts in the ECDIS is needed.

Contact FURUNO DANMARK for guidance to comply with 'paperless' navigation. We assist with communication to the Classification companies and the flag states in order to obtain the necessary approvals.

With more than 4,000 ECDIS systems sold world wide since 2004, FURUNO posses solid experience and knowledge.    


To ensure an efficient and safe operation of vessels as well as to optimize the advantages of having ECDIS onboard, proper training is required. Read more about our training courses and solutions at

Are you ready to meet the ECDIS requirement from 2012 ?

If you wish to convert your traditional 'paper'-navigation with a modern ECDIS system, it is not only a matter of installing some hardware!.

The crew must be educated and trained in the ECDIS systems and the principles. Special approvals must be obtained and the procedures for usages of the ECDIS systems on board are necessary to be implemented and documented as well as the right type of electronic charts must be installed. 

Furuno Danmark has the necessary experience and knowledge to assist with a smooth transition including development of bridge procedures.

Furuno Danmark is your partner on ECDIS so please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.                

Latest ECDIS software versions


Latest software versions complying with the new IEC/IHO standards.

  • FMD-3200: Version  3.17
  • FMD-3300: Version  3.17
  • FMD-3100: Version  3.15
  • FEA-2X07: Version  6.52
  • FCR-2XX7: Version 6.52


  • FAR-3XX0 2.75, August 1st 2017
  • FAR-2XX7 4.0,8 August 31st 2016

Chart Radar

  • FCR-2009 2.75,  August 1st 2017
  • FCR-2XX7 6.23


FURUNOs professionel and very popular ECDIS which since 2007 has been sold in more than 4.000 units. 

The IMO approved ECDIS'en is avialable with 19", 20" and 23" displays

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The new FURUNO ECDIS FMD-3200/3300 (19" LCD/23.1" LCD) with multifunction display capability, featuring ECDIS and Conning Information Display by default.

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ENC - Official Charts

FURUNO provides seacharts from the english Admiralty Vector Chart Service, which ensures the best possible integration between ECDIS and chart.

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