NOTE: This product is no longer available and has been removed from production in favour of FMD-3200/3300.

With an FURUNO ECDIS system it is possible to display radar image, radar targets, AIS targets, depth from the echo sounder and other navigation inputs, directly on the chart display. This will help you achieve a high degree of integration and ease the navigation.

FEA-2x07 is compatible with S-57, AVCS, S-63, ARCS Card C-MAP CM93 ed2 and C-MAP CM93 ed3 and meet the latest IMO and IEC regulations: IMO MSC.232 (84), IMO A 0.694 (17), MSC 97 (73) - (HSC Code 2000), MSC 191 (79) IEC 61174 version 3, IEC 60945 version 4, IEC 61162-1 version 3, IEC 61162-2 version 1 and IEC 62288 ver. 10.

  • Presentation modes: True/Relative Motion North-up, True/Relative Motion Course-up, Relative Motion Head-up, Relative Motion Route-up
  • ECDIS can form a network together with radar / ARPA, positioning equipment, autopilot and other equipment to integrate the navigation system.
  • Displays up to 1000 AIS target
  • High-resolution color LCD at 19 ", 21" or 23 "Ergonomically designed control panel provides safe use streamlined design
  • Customizable mapping function
  • Detailed storing navigation data from the last 12 hours, and the storage of long-time data with longer intervals
  • Track control if connected to the autopilot (optional)
  • Ability to choose between True Motion and Relative Motion mode
  • Navigation data is shared within an Ethernet network


It is possible to load a variety of navigation data on the electronic cards such as radar echo images, ship position, course, speed and other data for the safe and efficient navigation.

Furuno was one of the first manufacturers which came to market with a type-approved ECDIS more than  10 years ago. Since then, Furuno ECDIS has sold ECDIS systems in thousands and is being considered as an industry favorite. Furuno has used its many years of experience in the professional maritime industry to create a superior product. The FEA ECDIS is a product that is continuously evolved and adapted to the latest requirements from both authorities and users.



To ensure an efficient and safe operation of vessels as well as to optimize the advantages of having ECDIS onboard, proper training is required. Read more about our training courses and solutions at www.furunotraining.com