Electronic Record Books

FURUNO is selling Electronic Record Books TelScope, produced by TELKO.

Electronic Logbooks

  • Deck Log
  • Radio Log
  • Garbage
  • Record Book
  • Ballast Water Log


  • Static Checklists
  • Special orders/Night orders

Reporting tools



 System Overview


On Board Data Collection

Navigation sensors
Automation system
Bridge equipment

On board Data Storage

Secure database
Backup on board and on shore

Ship-Shore Synchronization

Smart data transfer


All data can be shared
3rd party apps

TelScope Web Application

Available on any browser
Responsive design

The ship dashboard is the hub of all TelScope activities on the ship. The module display is access dependent, so each user can see their relevant TelScope modules. The display seen in the example above, is the workstation mode used on the ship bridge. This includes the most relevant information for deck crew activities. Taking center stage is the voyage information, showing the status of the current voyage and the upcoming tasks on a timeline.