GPS Chartplotter

Combining GPS and chart display in one unit is among the largest maritime 'breakthroughs' in navigation and positioning during the last 20 years.

Ever since the invention of the plotters in the 1980s, FURUNO has been positioned as one of the leading manufacturers in the field and over time FURUNO has been able to implement the latest technologies in the different GPS plotters.

With FURUNO's effective GPS chartplotters from own production and our price effective plotters from FURUNO's French subsidiary brand Radio Ocean, you will get the market's most reliable plotters.

FURUNO's legendary 7-inch plotter with GPS; GP-7000 and GP-7000 F (with built-in echo-sounder module) has set a new standard for robust plotters. Both models, which can be installed both indoor or outdoor and posses intuitive operation and quick selection keys, have found many customers within the yacht segment among professional fishermen, assisting with safe navigation and positioning.

The new series from RADIO OCEAN : the OCHART plotters are available in both 5"and 7" models (with or without echo-sounder module) has ultra-high display resolution. The built-in GPS antenna gives the users new options for a very simple installation.

GP-1871F & GP-1971F

GP-1871F and GP-1971F are the latest release from FURUNO in the field of chartplotters. It has build-in GPS, CHRIP echosounder and much more.

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