GPS Recievers

For decades FURUNO has provided reliable and highly efficient GPS navigators to the maritime market.

In the early 1990's the GPS receivers replaced the older, bigger and heavy 'Transit' satellite receiver system receivers, providing much more precise positioning. The GPS receivers developed rapidly from the expensive equipment which were only economically available to the professional marine market - to price effective GPS navigators of all sizes and designs.

Today, all ships and vessels have a GPS receiver onboard.

Over the years FURUNO has improved the models ranging from the legendary GP-30, which has been sold in more than 100,000 units.

The Differential GPS GP-37 made the differential GPS system available for regular boaters, while the professional GP-150 are installed in thousands of commercial ships, which have to meet the IMO's latest specification with special requirements regarding sensitivity for GPS receivers etc.

Today, Furuno market a broad GPS program - from the famous GP-32, the blackbox GPS models GP-330B/GP-330 and the GP-150 Differential dual GPS system for the Deep Sea market.

The newcommer : the unique GP-33 - with its modern design and all screens displayed in color, will find new users all over the world.


The GP-39 comes with a number of smart features, which are both user friendly and easy to read on the powerful crystal color screen.

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IMO-certified GPS reciever with 5.7" Color LCD.

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The successor to the famous GP-32. Colour display with a wide range of features and presentation possibilities. As it's predecessor this is also designed to withstand the most harsh conditions at sea.

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GPS-receiver designed to be embedded in a network like NavNetTZtouch2.

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