GP-170 IMO approved GPS reciever

  • GPS for AIS, ECDIS, Radar etc
  • Simplified menu operation
  • Full IMO Compliance
  • 5.7" color LCD
  • Increased precision and stability due to new antenna design
  • 0.1 second update rate
  • Enhanced route planning
  • Advanced navigation GUI
  • Route planning via PC
  • Easy to replace GP-150 (compatiable with existing antennas and cables)
  • Route sharing with FURUNO ECDIS


The FURUNO GP-170 GPS navigator is a direct replacement of the well-known FURUNO GP-150. The new GP-170 benefits from the sturdy and extremely reliable design that was one of the key factors to the success of the GP-150. 

Retrofit of an existing GP-150 is very simple as the GP-170 display benefits from the exact same cutout as the predecessor. Antenna and cabling can also be reused, allowing an easy installation. Printers, serial cables and interfaces for dual mode are also compatible with the new GP-170

Full compliance with IMO MSC, 112(73), 114 (73) and IEC 61108-1, 61108-4, 61162-450

[Translate to English:] Display

Basic positioning data such as own ship position data, its data integrity, time, etc., are presented. Also, display mode as well as notice icons are displayed.

The area shows the information specific to the display mode currentlyselected. Please refer to each of the display modes for details.

C Guide to currently available actions is displayed. Under alert situation, the information about the most imminent alert is displayed.