NAVTEX modtagere

NAVTEX is an international weather- and navigational reporting system. The system works on longwave  : 518 kHz and 490 kHz and the receivers can obtain the information over very large distances. 

The NAVTEX broadcast systems are divided in Zones, which means that the vessels only receives messages in the sea area where the vessels are positioned. 

FURUNO's receivers are very effecient. Our NX- 300 model is today installed in numerous leisure and work boats and is a very reliable and 'easy to use' equipment. 

The professional FURUNO NX-700 model, which fulfils the IMO requirement is available in two versions:

1) a paperless unit (NX-700B) and a 2) printer version. (NX-700A) 

Several users still prefer to print the messages on paper, e.g. the paper is being part of the vessels log- book as documentation for a specific weather situation under development to which corrective actions of the vessels movement - speed and course - may be necessary.