FICE-100 Iceradar

NEW features, June 2019
See PDF with changelog here.


  • Complete overview over ice conditions in a 4 nm radius
  • Stand-alone system that connects to existing radar system..
  • Optimize speed and fuel consumption
  • Very price attractive elative to excisting systems on the market


Furuno FICE-100 iceradar allows the navigator in detail to observe ice conditions, and thus find the optimal route through icy waters. 

Using advanced algorithms, FICE-100 forms a detailed picture of the surrounding ice up to a distance of 4 nautical miles. 

FICE-100 will be able to use the signal from an existing X-band radar, and will act as an independent stand-alone installation that is incredibly simple to use. 




Quick and safe through icy waters

The advanced algorithms mean that the navigator can see old tracks from icebreakers and other ships, enabling significant savings in fuel and time. 

Furuno FICE-100 is easily connected with the popular FAR-2xx7 Radar via Ethernet, whereby the installation can be easily done by the ship’s own crew. No extra scanners are required nor any wires need to be installed in the masts.

We recommend external connection of bearing, position and speed to gain full use of the FICE-100 system.