Weather Fax Receiver


During the years the weather chart receivers (Weatherfax) has been standard equipment in large cargo vessels and fishing vessels.

The coastal radio stations broadcast weather charts covering specific sea areas. These weather charts are being printed and studied to secure the most optimum navigation. A captain receiving a weather chart displaying a deep low pressure on the vessels route may decide to change vessels route in order not to encounter heavy seas with the risk of loss of cargo or delaying the vessel.     

FURUNO has a unique product. FURUNO produces and markets a famous weather chart receiver in a Black Box version : The FURUNO FAX -30.

This compact and price effective weather chart receiver has also NAVTAX function included. The FAX-30 can be connected to a PC or a PC network which means that the received charts can be enlarged, printed and distributed all over the vessel. The PC images are perfect for satellite photos received from a coast station.


Weather chart receiver with possibility to connect to FURUNO NavNet systems or PC or PC net work

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Weather Chart Receiver 10" with built in printer

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Weather chart receiver 8" with built in printer 

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