Wind Systems


FURUNO DANMARK markets various wind measurement systems for both the professional market and yacht market.

In collaboration with the Danish company DEIF, FURUNO markets a professional wind systems for the professional shipping, and along with FURUNO French subsidiary FURUNO DANMARK market the famous RO WIND series (from Radio Ocean) which is an efficient and reliable wind sensor program for the leisure market.

FURUNO own WS-200 wind sensor, with its many options is an important element of FURUNO NavNet series and can be supplied as stand-alone 'system with a PC as a display as information center.

In this section we show wind gauges, all without moving parts and therefore maintenance free.
How does weather sensor without moving parts?

An ultrasonic wind sensor measures by using a special technique, the relative and true wind speed and wind direction. WS-200 weather sensor contains four ultrasonic transducers that are visible through the four holes in the top of the sensor wind channel (see Figure 1).

These transducers operate in pairs; the transducer transmits a pulse that reflects on the metal plate on the bottom of the wind tunnel which is then 'catch' by the wind and carried to the to receiver.

When there is no wind, the pulse will move with the speed of sound from the transmitter to the receiver.

When the wind blows in a certain direction, the pulse will travel faster than the speed of sound. If the wind is blowing in the opposite direction of the vessel's course, the pulse will be received later than if there is no wind.

The four transducers take turns to transmitting and receiving the pulses. A microprocessor in the WS-200 sensor is thereby combining measurements from all four transducers to calculate the resultant wind speed and direction.

The arrows indicate the direction from transmitter to receiver. During this process, the sensor concurrently monitors and compensates the temperature, since temperature affects the speed of sound.  



DEIF is the wind sensor for the demanding professional maritime industry. The sensor is without moving parts and equipped with heat element to counter weather problems in arctic areas.

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WS 150-WX

Wind and temp. sensor with possibilities for connection to PC and networks systems.

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Wind- and temp. sensor with possibilities for connection to PC and network systems.

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