NavNet Integrated Navigation Systems




The NavNet System consists of three active generations. Click the icon of the desired version you want to learn more about:


NavNet TZT3 Videoes



FLIR M-Series and NavNetTZTouch

FLIR M-Series cameras can be integrated with NavNet TZtouch models TZT9/14/BB and NavNet TZtouch2 models TZTL12F/15F to pan, tilt, zoom in/out, and move or lock a camera to a specific target. That way it is very easy to locate other vessels, buoys and other elements in the water. This is indeed very useful in nighttime and bad weather conditions.

A thermal camera is especially useful in man-over-board situations. A person in the water is very easy to spot on a thermal camera, whic also explains why this equipment is so popula in navys and coastguards around the world.

There is a number of functions there can be utelized in the NavNet system. Among other, it is possible to let the camera follow another vessel or to focus on a specific point designated on the chart. It is also possible to let the camera look ahead towards the next waypoint in your navigational route. All this contribute to an easy and safe sailing.

Read more about the FLIR M-series here







WiFi - Wireless connection

NavNet TZtouch and NavNet TZtouch2 has a built-in wireless network so you can easily collect the latest updates, weather forecasts etc.

From NavNet TZtouch you can control your system from an iPad by connecting to the Internet. You can also read all the informations from the system on an iPhone. On NavNet TZtouch2 you can also use Android devices.