FM-4721 VHF radiotelephone

  • CH70 watch receiver
  • 25 W or 1 W RF Output Power
  • Built-in DSC meets Class D ITU-R M493-12/EN 301 025 requirement
  • Class D DSC Modem with Distress, Individual and All Ship calls
  • Navigation information (LAT/LONG, SOG, COG) shown on display (Requires connection to external GPS-navigator)
  • Navigate to a DSC Distress Position (Requires connection to external GPS)
  • ATIS mode available for inland waterway
  • Automatic DSC Position Poll request to up to four separate vessels
  • 30 W PA/Loudhailer with pre-programmed fog signals and listenback facility
  • Two Handsets (Remote control speaker/microphone with display) are available
  • Easy channel selection with large rotary control
  • Quick access to channel 16/9 Key
  • Features a large alphanumeric keypad