VHF PORTABLE 6W  - Floating  VHF - Bluetooth - SOS Strobe light 


The Pocket5600 represents the latest state-of-the-art in high-tech engeineering.Meeting the IPX7 specifications, it has been designed to operate properly after being submerged in the water. As it floats as soon as it is dropped  overboard, the unit will flash automatically, getting anyone attention straight away!

If your cell phone has got the Bluetooth function, no need to keep next to you,  you will be able to answer your call directly with the Pocket 5600 and have a normal conversation without pressing the PTT. With your Pocket5600 you will also be able to initiate the last number dialed with your cell phone! 


Main features:

  • Bluetooth function can pair any Bluetooth cell phone
  • Floating and waterproof with "Burp feature" (to extract  water from the speaker)
  • SOS strobelight
  • Built-in thermometer (°F or °C)
  • Luminescent joint for finding it easily in dim light
  • All International channels
  • Selectable 6W/1W transmit power
  • Dual and triple watch
  • ATIS function (programmation needed)
  • Squelch adjustment
  • Possibility of memorization of usual channels
  • Backlight LCD display
  • 16 hours of autonomy on standby mode (Power save mode automatic)
  • Li-Polymer batterie with charge sign
  • Quick charging desktop charger



Waterproof IP:68