Today's shipping is increasingly driven by exchanging data communication. Ships and shipping companies need information exchange in real time: Ships to communicate back to headquarters and to the ports of call and the shipping companies to instruct, monitor and be updated on their ships and their valuable cargo.

Furthermore, the social aspect of maintaining crew is also an essential criteria to install a VSAT system. The crew gets the chance to be online with their family and friends back home, wherever in the world the ship is - either through "Crew Calling" or chat through different chat service.

A VSAT solution from Furuno is an excellent way to deliver IP-based communications to a ship - including Internet access, telephony (Voice over IP) and streaming (video) services.

With a VSAT connection you pay a monthly fee for Internet traffic, independent off consumption. Connections can be active around the clock as long as the ship is within satellite coverage. The modern technique used in connection with Furuno's VSAT systems, enables automatic satellite switching, without the crew need to spend time changing satellite or contacting the Network Operation Center (NOC), while the ship moves from one satellite coverage area to another satellite coverage area.