MOB (man-over-board) - Position directly on the chart plotter / PC connected AIS receiver

easyRESCUE is a personal AIS transmitter with a built-in GPS. easyRESCUE has a size were it fits in the pocket of a life jacket so it can easily be activated in an emergency situation. If a crew member falls overboard and has an easyRESCUE on itself there is only one thing to do – get the easyRESCUE activated. Within a few minutes it will send out an AIS symbol (MOB) which can be read on chart plotters/radars on your own and on nearby ships. Now it is possible for all vessels within the range to seek for the distressed (the MOB position) and help rescuing the distressed.


  • The crew on own ship can see the position where the distressed crew member is located
  • Vessels in the area can also see the distressed and help
  • No dependence of the coast station to pass information on
  • No subscription costs
  • No waiting time on satellites


What do I need?

On board of own ship: an AIS transmitter or transceiver connected to a chart plotter or a PC. With an Easy Rescue in the life jacket or in the life raft you will be a step ahead. For operation the cover should be pushed aside and then pull the antenna out and push “ON”. Occasionally test the GPS-function and the condition of the battery by pushing “TEST”.


Technical data:

  • BSH approved
  • Transmits with 2 W
  • Range in sea surface approx. 3-5nm / 5-10nm with an antenna 1 m above the sea level depending on the height of the waves
  • Integrated with the markets fastest available GPS-receiver
  • Waterproof IP 68
  • Surrounding working conditions: -20° C to 65 ° C
  • Length 128 mm, width on 76 mm, height 32 mm - weight: approx. 350 g
  • Battery lifetime on 4 years (if it is not in use, except for occasionally tests)
  • Service interval – after use or after 4 years, depending on what comes first



  • AIS class B S.A.R transmitter
  • 96 h transmitting time after activation
  • Easy self test for functions for check of GPS receiver and battery
  • Long battery standby lifetime = long service-intervals
  • Very compact size






A040: Manual activation and long antenna. IMO & ATEX approved.

A049: Manual activation and activation by contact with water. Short antenna, IMO & ATEX approved.

A072: Manual activation and activation by contact with water. Long antenna, IMO & ATEX approved.

A040-BM-COM:  Manual activation and activation by contact with water and magnet contact. Long antenna. IMO approved. Also available as a both IMO & ATEX approved version.

easyRESCUE PRO: Manual activation and activation by contact with water and magnet contact. Long antenna. DSC Distress function IMO approved.



Automatic activation by contact with water. 

easyRESCUE are available in variants with build-in 'water-activation-function', meaning that if a person falls overvboard, the transmitter will activated automatically. This can be a great advantage if a person is knocked unconscious or if the cold water makes manual activation difficult.  

What do I need?

Onboard own ship: An AIS reciever or transciever connected to a GPS chartplotter or a PC with navigational software. With easyRESCUE in a lifejacket or in a liferaft you have a great advantage. For easy manual activation you just need to push the plastic lid aside, unfold the antenna and press the "ON" key.

For regular testing a simple button gives indication of the GPS and battery status.

Technical data:

  • BSH approved
  • Transmittion power: 2W
  • Range at sealevel: 3-5 nm / 5-10nm with the antenna 1 m above the surface (depending on wavehight)
  • Build GPS - among the fastet on the market.
  • Waterproof IP 68
  • Operatng temperature: -20° C til 65 ° C
  • L128 mm, W: 76 mm, H: 32 mm - weight 350 g
  • Battery lifetime 4 years (no use, except periodical test)
  • Service interval - after use or after 4 years.  


  • AIS Class B  S.A.R transmitter
  • 96 h transmissiontime after activation
  • Simpel selftest for status of GPS and battery
  • Long battery stdby time
  • Compact size.



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