FastFind PLB (Personal Locator Beacon)

A personal Emergency Location Beacon

  • Easy one-button-activation
  • Transmit your GPS position to proper authorities
  • 406 MHz satellite transmission 
  • 121.5 MHz homing transmission
  • Powerful manual  Flash-beacon for close signaling
  • 24+ hours durability


The FastFind is a waterproof 406 MHz Personal Location Beacon (PLB) that should be carried by individuals, who are embarking on trips into areas around the world where there is little or no other form of communication or where other forms of communication are unlikely to work.

The FastFind acts as your personal Emergency Location Beacon - it is an extremely effective method of communicating distress to the national and international search and rescue bodies and it should not be miss-used. The FastFind is designed as a direct communication, to the 406 MHz Search and Rescue satellite system, its signal indicates that you are in need of urgent response and assistance.

Its small size belies its rugged construction and powerful output. There is no compromise. Once activated, the distress beacon will send out a signal for help, and continues to transmit for at least 24 hours, at a powerful 5 watt output, ensuring that your call for help gets through whatever the conditions. The pocket sized, waterproof beacon transmits at the press of a button, to alert search and rescue services to your plight.

If you get into life threatening danger, and there is no other way of summoning help, the Fast Find is your route to safety.

The FastFind weighs just 5.3 oz (150g) and measures D 1.34"(34mm) x W 1.85" (47mm) x L 4.17"(106mm). It is extremely sturdy and designed to cope with temperatures as low as -20°. The Fast Find's battery has a storage life of 5 years after which it can be easily replaced.

Note: In Denmark the PLB will be encoded with the owners' vessels MMSI-number. These MMSI-numbers can be bought at the Danish Maritime Authority by filling out this document