TZ Professional

Electronic Charts for 
Fishing vessels and Workboats


TZ Professional version 3 is the latest version of our marine navigation software and the one sole product that suits all the needs of professionals at sea. Close to 25,000 vessels currently use our TIMEZERO software. This new version offers an incredible amount of new features specifically designed for both professional fishermen and workboats.

New PBG module
The latest version of the PBG module will allow you to create charts of the seafloor even clearer and more realistic. The 2D and 3D imaging will now have customizable color coding scales which will allow for instantaneous precision research.
The new 3D view will make visualization of data even more simple and intuitive.

New profile window, a remarkable new tool!

Instantaneously display a point to point depth profile window. This 2D view will allow you to identify the depth variations with unequalled precision (rocks, shipwrecks, etc.).

Fishing Workspace

A workspace exclusively dedicated for professional fishermen will allow for personalization of 2D/3D so accessing information that is most pertinent is shown first.

Compatibility with S57/S63 charts
Keeping up to date charts is an essential element to ensure the safety of all those at sea. TZ Professional is now compatible with the official S57/S63 formats.
The official S57/S63 charts are updated every week. These maps respect the S52 standard developed by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). The iconography offers a simplified display in order to improve the readability of the marine charts on screens.

New Advanced Route Management

Route Planning is of the utmost importance for all professions at sea.
Our new technology assures the security of a route upon creation: Through color codes (green/red) it is instantaneously possible to know if the depth is sufficient for the safe passing of your boat. An automatic route wizard will provide you with information regarding to the optimal departure and arrival time, taking into account tides and currents.


New AIS Features
The configuration of AIS can sometimes prove to be complex. Our new AIS module allows for complete configuration of all information directly within TZ Professional (Status, Destination, etc.). Furthermore, it is now possible to receive and send AIS text messages from TZ Professional. This system will allow for simplified communication, free and individual with all boats which are equipped with AIS.

Security Cone

The new security cone is a feature in adherence with the official rules of the IMO. It takes into account the information of vector charts in order to detect isolated dangers and shallow areas. If an obstacle is detected inside this cone in front of the boat’s trajectory, an anti-grounding alarm will automatically be triggered.

Voyage Data Recorder Module

This new module that comes as an option, offers the possibility to save all the information received from the connected sensors to TZ Professional (GPS, radar, AIS, etc.). It is particularly useful in the case of an incident as it allows one to look back at all the available information relative to the surrounding environment of the boat at that given date and time.

What do TZ Professional offers?

The most easy way to get an impession of the features in TZ Professional is to watch the video below. 


New PBG Module
New Profile Window
TZ Professional v3 charts + AIS



Version 2.05 and later are fully compatible with WASSP Sonar systems. See the video and read more about WASSP here


TZ TimeZero Professional can be extended with a number of modules.

Radar Module

When the Radar Module is added to your TIMEZERO software, a range of functionalities are unlocked, between your FURUNO radar or MFD and software.TZ Professional can be connected to a Furuno NavNet3D or TZtouch network allowing full control of the DRS radars (with an MFD present on the network). This means that you can display the radar image directly in TIMEZERO software, enjoy full control of the software from your software, and overlay the radar image on your charts. Radar overlay is an effective safety tool that allows you to understand your surroundings in relation to your current position.

PBG (Personal Bathymetry Generation)

BREATHTAKING 2D AND 3D SEABED IMAGES Directly connected to sounder and positioning system, the PBG Module allows TIMEZERO to collect and record in real time depth information transmitted, enabling you to create and update your own bathymetric database with pinpoint accuracy. With a single click, TZ PBG Module will activate to give you breathtaking real-time 2D and 3D images of the seabed. It’s as easy as that. 

Marine navigation software - Routing Module 

Adding the Sounder Module to TIMEZERO turns it into an essential tool for a successful fishing. Thanks to its fully compatibility with Furuno Digital Filter (FDF™) fish finders, the sounder module allows you to enjoy on your PC all the advanced features of Furuno sounders. Directly connected to the echo Sounder or via a NavNet3D equipment, the Sounder module unlocks in TIMEZERO a dedicated Work Space to display and control FURUNO fish finders DFF1, DFF3, FCV1150, DFF1-UHD and BBDS1, and provides features such as: Sounder Echogram, Accu-Fish, Bottom Discrimination.


Module DAME2014 nominated THE UNSURPASSED COMMERCIAL FISHING SOLUTION Record 112 to 224 points at a time with TIMEZERO software and the cutting-edge WASSP Sonar! By adding the optional WASSP Module to your TIMEZERO software, you can connect this Multi-Beam Sonar via Ethernet to your computer and unlock powerful integration features. The WASSP Sonar continuously receives multiple depth readings of the sea floor area around your boat. This data is sent directly to TIMEZERO and used to create a highly-detailed PBG map. Save time and money by mapping the sea floor faster than ever before.


This new optional module offers the possibility to save the following information received from the connected sensors to TZ Professional:


  • Position, Speed and Course of your own ship
  • Depth and Water temperature
  • Speed and Wind Direction
  • ARPA Targets and Radar picture
  • AIS Targets


It is particularly useful in the case of an incident as it allows one to look back at all the available information relative to the surrounding environment of the boat at that given date and time.


Keeping up to date charts is an essential element to ensure the safety of all those at sea. TZ Professional v3 now comes with the ability to display native S57 charts. This is particularly interesting in the USA where NOAA charts can be downloaded here for free.