Information about FURUNO

is a 100% subsidiary of FURUNO ELECTRIC CO. LTD. Our headquarter is in Hvidovre, Copenhagen. In Denmark, FDK has offices in Esbjerg and Skagen and employs approx. 55 employees in a range of maritime electronic disciplines, ensuring that FDK can meet all tasks from design to delivery and installation, service and operation of delivered solutions. We also are conducting courses and training for navigators and engineers by FURUNO own training facilities with bridgesimulators.

From our offices we employ an extensive sales and distribution network with more than 40 local retailers. FDK has subsidiaries in Sweden, Poland and Russia, and affiliated distributors and service centers in most of Eastern Europe and the North Atlantic.

FURUNO BROADBAND SERVICE CENTER (FBS) is a subsidiary established by FDK as a natural continuation of FURUNO's significant involvement in the market for satellite communications. FBS providing satellite services (airtime) to Furuno's subsidiaries in Europe between East Africa and North America.

The global shipping industry is a modern and highly efficient industry, which puts high demands on operating stable quality. Technical difficulties may result in unnecessary and long stay in port which is associated with high costs. As a provider of essential and often compulsury electronic products (IMO rules), it FURUNO's clear strategy to act as a credible partner, and thus help to ensure the efficiency of shipping. Technical breakdowns can always be remedied with a simple and quick visit by a local service technician or a specialist from one of our departments.

Professional service requires a very comprehensive and well coordinated network of technicians and service centers, not just in individual countries or regions, but globally. Furuno has over 60 years built a very efficient global service organization and is among the most reliable providers of services not just because competent employees, but also because Furuno is represented in all important ports in the world.

It has been a major challenge to build this effective organization. We respect that the shipping industry has an enhanced focus on the total operating costs, and that modern electronics can have an important influence.

Our service and installation department and sales department co-orporates closely to 'tailor made' solutions in every respect to meet the high expectations of our customers. FURUNO DANMARK A/S is certified according to ISO: 9001:2008 standard.

To assist the local customers we have our offices in Esbjerg and Skagen, which are responsible for sales and service to our many customers in the western and northern parts of Denmark. Also our new MOBCOM department serving the portable equipment market with Motorola and Peltor products are being handled from Esbjerg.