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29.11.2017 09:38

Update for TZ TimeZero

A new version for TZ Professional, v3.3 has just been released. Among other a new main feature of this version is the advanced compatibility with the Furuno DFF3D multi-beam sonar.
13.11.2017 14:18

New Autopilot: NAVpilot-300

A new autopilot is on its way. It is indeed a very well functioning pilot with 'Gesture Control', that makes it possible to set a new course just by pointing a small remote control unit.
18.10.2017 11:40

DanFish 2017 successfully completed

DanFish has been successfully completed. It ws three very busy days, with lot of activity. We showed all our latest equipment, and especially our new VideoWall created a lot of attention. See images from the exhibition here.
22.09.2017 12:44

New NXT Solid State Radar

We have just got our new DRS6A-NXT Solid State Radar on stock. DRS6A-NXT is a Slotted waveguide array with the same technology as the smaller 24" radome DRS4D-NXT antenna. Hese radars are among the most technological advanced products in thier pricerange.
20.09.2017 10:10


At DanFish 2017 we will lauch our brand new VideoWall, which is a very large display, there can be customized to show any information needed.
13.09.2017 09:35

DanFish 2017

Again, this year, we will be represented at the bi anual DanFish in Aalborg 11., 12. and 13. oktober. We will be at our usual booth 107 in Hall A.
04.07.2017 11:16

New Satellite Compasses

Two new satellitecompasses SC-70 and SC-130 are now available. They replace the SC-50 and SC-110. These two new compasses are extremely precise and work perfect with Radar, ECDIS, AIS, Sonar and Autopilot etc.
26.06.2017 15:25

Weatherradar is to help the guests at Roskilde Festival.

JyllandsPosten writes that Hofor, Biofos, InforMetics and Aalborg University are testing our WR-2100, and has made all data available for the guests at the famous Roskilde Festival.
08.06.2017 11:11

Caspian International Oil & Gas Exhibition

FURUNO DANMARK A/S was with our partners RAPID Solutions, represented at the Caspian International Oil & Gas Exhibition in Baku.
06.06.2017 15:54

FURUNO DANMARK A/S and SetelHellas, announce new strategic partnership.

FURUNO DANMARK A/S, is thrilled to announce that it has entered a new strategic partnership with SetelHellas - a leading provider of Maritime ICT solutions.
31.05.2017 08:56

New softwarereleases for ECDIS

New softwarereleases available for FMD-3200, FMD-3300, FMD-3100, FEA-2x07 and FCR-2xx7.
24.05.2017 11:03

PC Selector V. 40

PC Selector V. 40 is now available, updateded May 17, 2017. C-MAP is often delevering updates to NT/MAX PC Selector. The latest update are available on 5 DVDs which can be downloaded here as .iso files.
03.04.2017 15:06

Zenitel ’Maritime Certified Partner’.

A new partner agreement with Zenitel Denmarks A/S will expand Furuno Danmark’s product portfolio to include the well-known Vingtor-Stentofon products covering advanced IP based telephone/intercom systems.
15.03.2017 08:58

Update for TZ TimeZero Professional

The latest version of TZ TimeZero Professional - version 3.1 - is now available and can be downloaded online here.
12.01.2017 09:49

[Translate to English:] Videopræsentation af FURUNO

FURUNO has just released a Corporate Movie "Challenge the Invisible" - it can been seen on YouTube.
12.01.2017 09:50

BotShow in Fredericia

In 2017 there will be BoatShow in Fredericia. This will happend in the weekends Feb. 24.-26. and March 2.-5. FURUNO will of course be present, and we are looking forward to present a number of new and exciting products.
05.12.2016 09:29

Information on GPS and Leap Second on January 1, 2017

A leap second will be inserted between 23:59’59” on December 31, 2016 and 00:00’00” on January 1, 2017 (UTC). FURUNO products currently on sale and support will not be influenced by the leap second as the previous case on July 1, 2015 and can be used even after January 1,...  »
24.11.2016 14:57

FCV-2100 Fish Finder

By combining Split Beam and TruEcho CHIRP™ the latest and most advanced Fish Finder to this date the FCV-2100 provides a higher level of accuracy and clearer target images than ever before.
29.08.2016 10:26

New GPS receiver: GP-39

FURUNO has just announced the new GP-39 GPS receiver. GP-39 can directly replace GP-32, because they have the same dimensions, and cables and antenna etc. fits and doesn't need to be replaced.
09.08.2016 15:37

Big thanks to Oskar Thesbjerg

FURUNOs Branch Office Manager in Esbjerg, Oskar Thesbjerg, is retireing. Jes Rosenberg, who has been in FURUNO for many years, has stepped in Oskars place. There will be a reception September 23. where it will be possible to say farewell/goodday to Oskar and Jes.
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