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31.07.2020 12:26

Live Weather Radar images

It is now possible to see Live images from a number of installations with FURUNOs Weather Radar WR110 and WR-2120.
01.07.2020 09:12

FURUNO acquires EMRI A/S

FURUNO has acquired all activities in EMRI A/S, which from the today is a wholly owned subsidiary of Furuno Danmark A/S
11.06.2020 09:38

GPS Rollover in December 2020

A GPS rollover will occur on December 20, 2020 for a number of products in the following series: FELCOM-15, FELCOM-16, FELCOM-70, FA-100/R and GP-310B.
12.05.2020 14:46

SMM Postponed

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and its global restrictions on major events and international travel, SMM has been postponed to 2 – 5 February 2021. We will do our best to make the whole event as comfortable as usual for you, so that the only thing that changes for you is...  »
17.04.2020 10:34

New video of WASSP W3

A nice video showing WASSP W3 ability to map the seafloor accurately in 3D and in real-time to safely explore it all in advance of a superyacht to find the safest passage and anchorage.
06.04.2020 10:05

Gaia Fish Selected to renew their existing VSAT-service from FURUNO Danmark A/S.

The trawler LOMUR gets a new VSAT solution and achieves a significant increase in bandwidth.
21.04.2020 10:03

GPS roll-over

Important notice to our customers who use FURUNO GPS products for marine use that are affected by GPS week number rollover.
13.03.2020 15:20

FURUNO DENMARK continues operation!

We are naturally socially conscious which is why many of our employees now work from home, but ALL functions within the company are maintained so that we can continue to provide our customers with our normal service regarding sales of equipment and spare parts, as well as...  »
10.07.2019 08:34

Traceability feature is now available for VDR APT

An unique QR code is newly printed on an individual APT test report and COC issued by GSP. The QR code provides customers and surveyors direct access to Furuno’s website to check the details of APT.
03.05.2019 10:41

Introducing a new digital platform for certificate management

We are happy to announce that we have entered a partnership with the digital startup company C-LOG. The cooperation with C-LOG means, FURUNO will soon be able to offer our customers and certificate holders access to an online certificate management platform.
12.04.2019 08:09

FDK enters important supply agreement with Caspian Shipping Company

FURUNO Danmark A/S has made agreement with Azerbaijanian company Caspian Shipping Company (ACSC) to appoint company Marine Technics Baltia OU to be exclusive supplier of FURUNO equipment to CSC’s considerable fleet of vessels.
04.04.2019 10:30

GPS rollover on older Felcom, GPS and AIS products.

A number of older products will be subject to GPS roll over in near future: FELCOM 12-15-16-18-19, GP 80-90-150-170 and FA 100-150-170. Click here to download PDF with details.
18.03.2019 13:30

GP-80: GPS rollover on March 17, 2019

Inventory of the replacement GPS cores had been depleted and its maintenance period expired, Furuno strongly recommend to replace the GP-80 with GP-170.
23.01.2019 09:32

New Manager of Technical Service and Support

Peter Højergaard’s retirement and Henrik Mertz take over as new Manager of Technical Service and Support for FDK.
17.10.2018 14:43

Additional mobile satellite systems providers recognised for use in the GMDSS

Amendments to SOLAS Chapter IV and Appendix to accommodate additional mobile satellite systems providers recognised for use in the GMDSS per January 1st 2020
10.10.2018 11:05

Furuno Capture Several Awards At The 2018 NMEA Conference & Expo.

The National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) held its annual conference and expo in Florida, where they revealed their exclusive "Product of Excellence" awards for the year. Furuno proved their dominance in the sensor market by once again bringing home the coveted...  »
13.09.2018 13:27

I-3 to I-4 services migration

The migration of Classic Aero, Fleet 77, Swift 64 and Inmarsat C services (to include Aero C and Mini C) from the Pacific Ocean Region (POR) I-3 satellite to the Asia/Pacific (APAC) I-4 satellite has been completed, as planned, on 29 August 2018 starting at 06:00 UTC.
25.05.2018 14:57

Inmarsat I-3 to I-4 migration notice: Inmarsat C and Fleet 77 services

Satellites that form the Inmarsat-3 (I-3) L-band constellation are now approaching the end of their operational life and Inmarsat has planned the transition of services from the I-3 fleet onto our Inmarsat-4 (I-4) constellation.
18.05.2018 12:19

New GPS chartplotters on stock: GP-1871F & GP-1971F

We have just received two brand new GPS chart plotters. They are very smart and comes with Multi Touch Display, build-in GPS, CHIRP fishfinder, connection to our WiFi radar and much more.
23.04.2018 10:43

New IMO-approved Solid State Radar

FURUNO has launched a new IMO-approved Solid State S-band Radar: FAR-2xx8. In time i will replace the very popular FAR-21x7 radar. The new radar is also available as X-band radar, but initially only as magnetron radar.
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