VDR Annual Performance Testing


FURUNO DANMARK has been approved by most major Classification Societies to perform APT (Annual Performance Testing) on FURUNO VDR systems. Since these systems are an important element in the analysis of accidents or near miss incidents, it is important that they are always in order and able to record the required data.

All the FURUNO DANMARK VDR technicians are certified to perform VDR APT, this requires a thorough knowledge of all aspects of the equipment. Our VDR technicians also have all participated in courses about the legal framework for VDR.

FURUNO DANMARK is one of Japan's World Wide Furuno VDR service centers.

In cases where data from the VDR system shall be presented in a simple and straightforward manner, our technicians might assist in setting up the VDR live player program onto a stationary PC in the Ship Owner Office. The Staff at the company office can then use information from the VDR system through training and analysis of near-miss accidents.

VDR data from the ship can be sent from the ship to the Ship Owner Office on a removable HDD (Hard Disk Drive). Due to the special format data is stored in it will not be possible to read or modify them before they reach the company office.

In connection with our quality control, all VDR survey reports are reviewed internally before they are forwarded to the customer and the classification society.

FURUNO DANMARK is authorized to perform VDR survey following classification societies: 

Classification society


Bureau Veritas

See certificate


Det Norske Veritas

See certificate


Nippon Kaiji Kyokai

See certificate
RinaRegistro Italiano NavaleSee certificate


American Bureau of Shipping

See certificate


Lloyds Register

See certificate