FLIR & Navigation in icy waters

Navigation in icy waters is always a challenge. In november 2011 FURUNO and FLIR tested the equipment onboard Oratank from M.H.Simonsen ApS, in the Western part of Greenland.

The material below shows the results. Infrared cameras don't distinguish between day and night, so pitch black in the night appears clear as daylight on the FLIR equipment.

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The PPI shows a lot of ice - note the range is set to 1.5 nm, indicating there is very little room for manoeuvers.

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The view from the bridge over the deck of Oratank. There are two fixed spotlights in the foremast and a powerful searchlight which is controllable from the bridge. The effect is especially visible in the movie below, where the effect of the snow is also visible.






Same view seen with the FLIR equipment. The ice is now visible on much longer range. Also note how the other elements are visible on the FLIR. Heat appears as dark and cold as white. The spotlights in the foremast is therefore black, while the icebergs are white and colder than the water.







FLIR Video

This video shows a compilation of the recordings and gives a good impression of how the technology works.




Below is FLIRs own presentation - Ice Detection with Thermal Imaging - of the results of the trip.