The following warranty applies to the supply of new equipment and spare parts from FURUNO DANMARK A/S to our dealers and Business Customers.

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FURUNO equipment:

Supplied equipment is covered by a 24 month warranty on parts from the day the equipment has been installed by an authorized FURUNO dealer, or 30 months from invoicing, whichever comes first.

If FURUNO may decide to address a warranty repair with the delivery of another complete equipment, this will provide a guarantee that maximum is 24 months from invoicing of the defective equipment.

Non FURUNO equipment:

Equipment supplied is covered as standard by 12 months warranty on parts from the day the equipment has been delivered to an authorized FURUNO dealer/Commercial customer.

If FURUNO may decide to address a warranty repair with the delivery of another complete equipment, this will provide a guarantee that a maximum is 12 months from invoicing date.

Spare Parts

The supplied parts are provided with 6 months warranty..

Special conditions:

The following are not covered by the warranty:

  1. Normalt wear and tear, that not related to defects in the product. 
  2. Mis use of the equipment. 
  3. Damage caused by transport or improper storage. 
  4. Abnormal high or low supply voltage, beyond the equipment specification. 
  5. Service or installation by unauthorized persons. FURUNO DAENMARK A/S may authorize the crew to perform service without affecting the warranty. 
  6. Conditions which are outside the control of FURUNO DAENMARK A/S, such as (lightning, external damage, water damage, fire, etc.) 
  7. Connection of other equipment that does not comply with the specified standards for connection. 
  8. Under Water Parts. 
  9. Expenses for the replacement of Underwater Parts 
  10. 1Routine service and maintenance. 
  11. 1If the Serial Number is destroyed or removed. 
  12. Software updates, otherwise if advised by FURUNO DENMARK A/S. 


2. FURUNO DANMARK A/S covers replacement of defective components.

Below Radar parts are covered with the following warranty: Magnetrons: 2500 hours from the date of installation, but shall not exceed 24 months. Mic Assy: 12 months from date of installation. The following parts are not covered by FURUNO DANMARK A/S Warranty: 1. Fuses 2. Bulbs 3. Paper 4. Printer Head 5. Cables 6. Protection Covers 7. Disk 8. Drive Belts 9. Batteries 10.Hydrostatic Releases If the local dealer does not have the necessary parts to repair the equipment, they will be shipped from FURUNO DANMARK A/S stock. Forwarded replacement parts under warranty, will be billed for the list price when shipped. The dealer shall cover shipping costs when shipping to FURUNO DANMARK A/S and FURUNO DANMARK A/S will cover return costs, to the same destination as it is received from. Defective and unused parts must be registrated with a detailed failure report in FURUNO's DANMARK A/S RMA system, www.rma.furuno.dk and returned to the FURUNO DANMARK A/S not

later than 6 weeks after the service has been carried out. In case the Parts are not received within the specified deadline, the parts will be treated as a new order and are billed as such.

When the returned parts have been received and checked (within the 6 weeks period), a credit note will be issued.

3. Installation / Commissioning.

An authorized FURUNO installer / service technician must perform the installation and commissioning. Warranty registration card must be completed and signed by a representative of the owner.

Alternatively, the equipment shall be registered on our website (www.furuno.dk)

4. Coverage.

The following are not covered by FURUNO DANMARK A/S Warranty:

  1. Travel cost and travel time 
  2. Freight 
  3. Custom Clearance 
  4. Custom, VAT, licenses, etc. 
  5. Stock costs 
  6. Insurances 
  7. Packing, in addition to the standard package for the device 
  8. Instruction in use of the equipment 
  9. Crane assistance 
  10. Routine Maintenance, annual survey 


5. Fault on supplied equipment.

Any failure on equipment supplied shall without any delay be reported in writing to the FURUNO DANMARK A/S, with the identification of the faulty equipment as well as a complete failure report and the original invoice number. FURUNO DANMARK A/S will take the necessary steps to rectify the failure. If the equipment under warranty are sent to FURUNO DANMARK A/S and no failures are found when checked in our workshop, a fee for the examination will be charged.

6. Transfer of Warranty.

The warranty for the supplied equipment is transferred to the end user when the device is registered with FURUNO DANMARK A/S. (www.furuno.dk)

7. Warranty on Parts.

FURUNO DANMARK A/S provides 6 months warranty on supplied parts, used for repairing of the FURUNO equipment. Any returned part, which is assumed to be defective must be accompanied by a detailed service report describing the failed component. Returned parts must be registrated in our RMA system and the RMA number must be applied to the service report.

8. Liability.

FURUNO DANMARK A/S's warranty obligations may not exceed the amount invoiced for the equipment.